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12 Best The Big Bang Theory Quotes from The Military Miniaturization (10x02)

Retinal Scanner: Access denied. Sheldon and Leonard: It knows! Howard Wolowitz: Oh, oh, oh, oh, guys, hold me upside down! Retinal Scanner: Howard Wolowitz, access granted. All three together (Sheldon, Leonard and Howard): Yay!

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16 Funny Animal Pics for Your Tuesday

There's no such thing as a "bad" pet, there is a right way, and a wrong way to raise them. How you treat them, is how they will learn

Everyone needs their "crochet basics" patterns in their repertoire.  This hat pattern is perfect for everyone! From someone learning how to crochet to those who sell their work.  It can be used as a basic hat pattern or as a canvas for embellishment!

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Polpette di patate, piselli e carote

#Polpette di patate, piselli e carote della nostra utente Vittoria. Unisciti alla nostra Community ed invia le tue ricette!

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Outside Sticky Wall

Outside Sticky Wall: Create a fun outdoor activity that toddlers and preschoolers will love. This easy outside activity is perfect for exploring nature.

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Cadeirinha Portátil

Cadeirinha portátil para meninos e meninas, você pode levar na bolsa e usar em qualquer cadeira, na casa da vovó, da titia, da dinda, dos amigos...Para crianças de 6 meses a dois anos e pouco.. Consulte cores. Prazo de entrega, leia A POLÍTICA DA LOJA

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~~Bear Cub ~ learning how to play to an audience | CATERS~~: