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Engraving by Richter

.300 WSM Take Down Deluxe Bolt Action Rifle.

Bentley Percussion Rifle - While Bentley automobiles are today produced in Crewe, England – this .44 caliber Bentley percussion muzzleloader bears Birmingham proof marks. Likely made around 1850, this British half-stock long gun was reportedly purchased by a Canadian, who employed it for hunting duties in the North. Today, this rifle rests a bit further south at the #NRA National Firearms Museum in Fairfax, Virginia.

A pair of pin-fire pistols made for Napoleon III: Provenance: Collection Prince Napoleon, sold by Chateau de Prangin, 3rd November 1950, lot 820, the rifle was in the same sale, lot 821. Mid 19th century..........

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Colt Guns - Colt Dragoon.:

In the world of Winchesters, the Model 21 is without argument, the finest quality gun produced by the venerable arms making firm. And in the world of Model 21's, this gun, John Olin's "King Buck" 21, is considered to be the finest Model 21, and thereby the finest Winchester, ever produced. It is heavily embossed and inlaid with solid gold to commemorate Olin's favorite hunting dog, a black lab named "King Buck". Images of King Buck were used in numerous advertising campaigns.

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