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When meat eaters say that vegan food tastes gross... it's all about the spices! Not my problem if you can't cook. / vegan meme / vegan humor / vegan lifestyle / veganism

don't buy into dairy deception -- you are not a calf therefore it is not natural to drink cows milk and lactose intolerance is natures way of telling you to stop - nature knows best

I had this friend in 4th grade that was in my class and lived down the street from me, and she invited me and my friend to Dave and Busters. They let us choose whatever food and drinks we wanted. And she put $100 on our game cards. It was awesome and I had to thank them like A Million times.

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When I sit down and get comfortable but then realize I forgot my drink on the kitchen counter

Tip: if you're in theatre, the directors do not fuck around when it comes to gum, candy, food, and drinks on stage. It's like an unspoken rule of the theater world to not bring food on stage.

When all you eat is fruits and veggies and someone asks if thats healthy / vegan meme / vegan humor / vegan lifestyle / veganism

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So when I first started reading this I thought it was one given to me for my science boards then it turns to Supernatural... of course it's you, everything comes back to you.

Avocado Chickpea Toast

Avocado Chickpea Toast from @memeinge is an easy & tasty vegan breakfast or lunch for those days when you don't have the energy to cook