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Antique Primitive Pine Nantucket Meetinghouse Bench With Half Moon Cutout Ends

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With our absolute highest compliments Bay Colony Antiques takes the utmost pleasure in presenting this exceptional late 19th century antique meetinghouse bench. In the past few decades these antique benches have become some of the rarest pieces of early American interior furniture to come across anywhere. The popularity of the traditional New England style meetinghouse bench in the 20th century led to the production of many new contemporary reproduction benches. These examples can be hard to differentiate from the antique versions as quite often the newer benches are made from antique wood such as repurposed floorboards. While these newer copies certainly have a place in many rustic interiors we have always avoided offering them as to not detract from the genuine antique meetinghouse benches we try so hard to have represented in our catalogues. It is our privilege to offer this remarkably rare example recently procured from a family from Nantucket, Massachusetts who passed this bench through their descendants beginning as far back as the 19th century. It was our great fortune to find this bench situated with a six foot long antique sawbuck table and we were told that the pairing had been together for over a century. We have catalogued both pieces individually however expect each to sell quickly and in all likelihood to the same collector. Antique furniture with historical ties to the island of Nantucket has always been held in the highest esteem by those who treasure early New England history and art.
The bench has remained in the entirely all original surface with the exposed wooden surface developing a wonderful antique patina which is referred to as "pumpkin pine" and is highly prized since only time can create the wonderous color and tone. The underside of the bench reveals the original oxblood red varnish used to seal the wood seating surface as well as additional oxidation and indications of a century and a half of existence. Two shaped upright supports are each tenoned through the wooden seat resulting in a rock tight joinery which provides a tremendous amount of structural integrity and stability. These supports stand on well formed legs that are given shape by the presence of halfmoon cutout sides. The seat is well weathered with a naturally rounded over edge and a shaped support rail which spans the entire length of the bench to provide reinforcing strength and comfort for behind the legs of each sitter. This example is one of the finest we have ever offered and we sincerely hope to find it a home worthy of its prestige and unique early history. Overall this bench measures 71" wide x 10 3/4" deep x 18" tall at the seat surface. less
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