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Mtakanini mine a parcel of good quality but small pinkish Winza rubies.

mineral 02-06 Precious Stones from 1902 Encyclopedia. 295mm×221mm

Fossil coral--These are available cheaply at a seller named "freshstrawberry" on eBay.

Fine Mogok red spinel (over 5 carats) with Mogok spinel crystals including "Star of David" macles. Photo: Vincent Pardieu/Gübelin Gem Lab, 2008.

Chalcedony, Quartz geode

.65 Carat Sapphire & Diamond Ring - Vintage Gemstone Engagement Rings - Vintage Engagement Rings

blue ammonite | Buy natural loose #gemstones online at mystichue.com

Tanzanite - Lying in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro, the world’s only commercial tanzanite mines have resulted from massive tectonic activity that created one of the most highly mineralized zones in the world — the Mozambique Orogenic Belt. - Tanzania’s gem deposits are a product of this belt, which cuts a 200–300 km-wide north-south swath through the central and eastern part of the country. Running all the way from Mozambique in the south, to the Sudan and Ethiopia in the north, it is…

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