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December's rewards package my favorite from 2015 by kawanocy

Almost finished the cover of my sketchbook! It will be available in the upcoming Expocomic of Madrid (11-12-13 December) #watercolor #illustration by caro.waro

//slump// :'D I wanna draw those drawings that take days to paint! Like them masterpieces but no. I have homework and assignments and I can only doodle ugly tanakas. :I by 2plyer

collab with @nurha5h she sketched I colored woopwoop by khudeejuh

Tonight I will finally start on making cosplay stuff. I have been on and off sickassignments and this week is the only week THAT I AM NOT SO STRESSED LIKE YEAH. I'm gonna do what I like QVQ make props and draw lots by 2plyer

Customize with cutting and pasting is quite fun also in a week or two i will be having digital sketch commission info available est. price would be around 5-7 dolla per chara...hope you guys are interested :D by paka_senbye

Finished the simple refs QVQ I'll introduce to you guys my OCs. They are all painters. There are more from the same series but they are the main? by 2plyer

Sorry for all the cute-ish art lately >v< I wanna draw a comic I always wanted to draw. ._. I don't think these sort of stories are popular anymore but I just wanna make it. //Hides in my corner// It's called Crayfish. >v