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...I recommend it. All hail the

The Mystique Cosplay From NYCC Is Sheer Brilliance by Rebecca Lindsay

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That's how you do it
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That's how you do it

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At the #beach you'll see plenty of Sea Gals! Humourous painting up seagulls dressed as women in bikini's.

#593 i think you broke my leg. "oh my god" its okay, i have another one in my car. #favoritegreysmoments

Gilmore Girls, love this show! Richard: Emily, I'm going to google you. Emily: You are certainly not going to google me! Gilmore Girls - Season 4, Episode 8: "Die, Jerk"

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How nice... wait what?

How nice... wait what? Hahahaha Homestuck. Society doesn't know what to do with Dave Strider cosplays

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16 Things You Didn't Know About "Gilmore Girls"

While watching this show don't you sometime laugh so hard for so long that you can't breathe and think won't ever stop laughing? This was almost one of those moments but not quite. Michelle saying "yoo hoo, he-haw-man" at cinnamons funeral was one of those moments.

Someone told me that once, but I don't think I've ever remembered it when I was about to sneeze so I could try it...