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Enquanto o rei Balduíno IV se agarrava à vida, as brigas partidárias sobre a sucessão, e o cargo de regente se acirravam.

Imad ad-Din wrote that “in spite of his infirmities the Franks were loyal to King Baldwin IV. They gave him every encouragement; being satisfied to have him as their ruler . . . they were concerned to keep him in office but paid no attention to his leprosy”.

On October 6, in the seventh year of King Baldwin IV, Amalrich, patriarch of Jerusalem, an extremely simple man of practically no importance, died after twenty years in that office. Within ten days thereafter, Heraclius, archbishop of Caesarea, was chosen to fill his place.

[Bethlehem]. "During the preceding summer, Ralph of precious memory, bishop of Bethlehem and chancellor of the kingdom, had departed from the light of this world. In order that there might be someone in charge of the royal correspondence, the king, by the advice of his barons, appointed me to that office and invested me with the dignity of chancellor" (WT).

King Baldwin IV

King Baldwin IV

King Baldwin IV

King Baldwin IV - by LadyScale

Kingdom of Heaven - King Baldwin IV

Edward Norton as King Baldwin IV Original colored pencil drawing, 8 x 10 inches

King Baldwin IV of Jerusalem in Ridley Scott's "Kingdom of Heaven".

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