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Enquanto o rei Balduíno IV se agarrava à vida, as brigas partidárias sobre a sucessão, e o cargo de regente se acirravam.

Remember the 'aura' principle: appearance or reputation can overshadow an individual's actual personality, thus creating an aura, or atmosphere, around the person that may or may not be true. Real life examples include Baldwin IV the 'Leper King' and Margaret Thatcher the 'Iron Lady'. No one expected a diseased youth to rule effectively, much less fight in battle. Likewise, few people expected a warm heart and jovial sense of humor from so unrelenting a prime minister.

In the summer of 1178, King Baldwin IV ordered the walls of Jerusalem to be rebuilt, and he marched to fight the Muslims and capture Damascus.

King Baldwin IV could not physically fight anymore, but he still fought on to inspire his troops.

King Baldwin IV went on campaign from the start of his reign despite his illness, but fighting was in his case a dangerous business: because he could only use his left hand and needed that to hold a sword.

The death of Amalric I of Jerusalem weakened the kingdom as did the fighting and increase in faction over the succession during the reign of King Baldwin IV.

While the Count of Tripoli was fighting in the North of Palestine, King Baldwin IV was not idle. In 1175, he took the lead of his army.

King Baldwin IV had been taught to fight left-handed.

King Baldwin IV managed to continue fighting on horseback until at least 1182.

The complete obliteration of King Baldwin IV's force at Montgisard would not have denuded the kingdom of fighting men as did the defeat at the Battle of Ḥaṭṭīn, (July 4, 1187).

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