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Prostrando-se diante da relíquia sagrada, o rei Balduíno IV pediu a Deus pelo sucesso.

O maior sucesso militar do rei de Jerusalém, Balduíno IV, foi a Batalha de…

Saladino não concluiu com sucesso os seus cercos em Kerak em 1183 ou 1184. Provavelmente esse fato reflete sua cautela, uma vez que Montgisard, em 1177, lhe ensinou que enfrentar o exército cristão em seu próprio terreno era muito perigoso.

King Baldwin IV had numerous successes in his battles. The most famous victory was at Tel Gezer - Montgisard.

King Baldwin IV, prostrated before the sacred relic of the True Cross, beseeching God for success. (Montgisard by Giacobino)

There was a belief in Western Europe that the threat to Outremer had been exaggerated and examples of success like Baldwin IV's victory at Montgisard fed this perception.

[Montgisard - 1177]. King Baldwin IV was at this time a youth of 16. Saladin, in contrast, was a highly successful leader already 41.

‘That Saladin did not successfully conclude his sieges at Kerak in 1183 or 1184 probably reflected his caution. Montgisart in 1177 had taught him that confronting the Christian army on its own ground was dangerous’ (p. 73).

Encouraged by their success at Montgisard, in the autumn of 1178 the Franks made a highly aggressive move. They started to build a castle at Jacob's Ford on the River Jordan. The construction of this fortress, about 55 kilometres from Damascus, signalled a genuine challenge to the Muslims and again showed Saladin the scale of the task he faced to defeat the Franks.

Throughout history, we have seen military leaders who by displaying courage in the face of their disability won the respect and admiration of their men. King Baldwin IV was a leper, and yet was a successful monarch who defeated Saladin at the Battle of Montgisard.