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Chamomile is just starting to bloom in my small herb garden. It’s a common bushy garden herb with small daisy type flowers and with a fragrance similar to apples. Considered both a kitchen and medicinal herb it is easy to grow plant. All it needs is full direct sun and average soil conditions. Chamomile will…Read more →

“Metamorphosis, such as when Yin and Yang meet in the affirmation of the soul.” Hypnotic, Spiritual, Floral and Incense Smoky. Atmosphere From the glacial winds blowing in winter to the lilac blossoming in spring in the Bulgarian steppes. The spiritual path and metamorphosis leading to winter, wisdom, the fall of the night, the place where yin and yang meet at the end of the journey before another cycle begins. The reward of inner growth and the self-confidence that draws others…

Sunny Boulevard St. John's wort is a long-blooming shrub that starts producing its bright yellow flowers in midsummer and continues to early fall. The blue-green foliage makes a great foil for the cheery flowers. Name: Hypericum kalmianum 'Deppe' Growing Conditions: Full sun and well-drained soil Size: 2-4 feet tall and wide Zones: 4-8/

This shrub is a treat in late summer when it bears its airy clusters of beautiful blue blooms. It's extra-easy to grow, too, laughing off all but the worst heat and drought. As an added bonus, birds and butterflies love it. Bluebeard shrub makes a great cut flower, too. Name: Caryopteris varieties Growing Conditions: Full sun and well-drained soil Size: To 4 feet tall Zones: 5-9/ by christa

Are you starting a new garden? Or maybe expanding an existing one? You need a plan! Here are some things to consider to make your gardening experience the best it can be.

The sight of a wild landscape covered with heathers in full bloom is breathtaking, so it is little surprise that people have found ways of introducing these rewarding plants into their gardens. Here t

If you’re growing bulbs in containers, consider the lasagna bulb planting technique to ensure you get the most bang for your container buck and constant color and spring long. This article will help get you started.

Although oregano has been a well-loved culinary #spice in America since the 1940s, as early as the 1920s researchers were studying it for it’s #medicinal properties. Here’s more history and lore about Oregano from a new Plant Profile featured in The Herbarium: OREGANO-- “Origanum vulgare is sometimes called wild marjoram in Europe, since it’s closely related to the plant we know as sweet #marjoram, another association which can cause confusion among oregano species. Origanum comes from the…

Damiana is a small shrub with pale green, serrated, wedge-shaped leaves arranged alternately on a short, slender leafstalk. The small, 5-petaled yellow flowers grow in the leaf axils, and produce a small fruit whose taste is said to be reminiscent of fig. #Damiana leaves and stems are #harvested when the plant is in bloom and used fresh or dried to make #tea, #tincture, #glycerite, #elixir, or smoke. It is also used #homeopathically. Damiana leaves contain volatile oils, flavonoids, a…

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