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Ruínas Romanas de Sufetula do centro-norte da Tunísia imperador Vespasiano Mais

Statue of Artemis, 2nd century A.D., ruins of Ephesus, Turkey

This is the ruins of the great library of Alexandria, Egypt one of the largest libraries of the ancient world.

uncommonjones: Ancient temple ruins in Anuradhapura in Sri... (The Gifts Of Life)

Ancient temple ruins in Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka. The intricately carved bottom stone is called the ‘Moonstone’ and the steps lead to a still intact, sitting Buddha

Sagalassos fountain (Turkey, ca. 160-180 AD). Located roughly 110 km north of Antalya, the ruins of the city extend 2.5 km from west to east and 1.5 km from north to south. The excavations at Sagalassos are now among the largest archaeological projects in the Mediterranean. Sagalassos was a prosperous city for over 1000 years, from early Hellenistic times until it was struck by a devastating earthquake in the 7th century AD when the city was abandoned.

Hieroglyphic system found in the ruins of the Mysterious Underwater Ruins of the Lost World in Yonaguni. 12 000 b.c. 7000 years before the Egyptian civilization.

Roman Bath Pool With Mosaic - Museum of the Bardo Museum, Tunis (TUNISIA)

RS – Ruínas de São Miguel das Missões (Patrimônio Histórico e Cultural da Humanidade) – o que restou da mais importante redução jesuítica em solo brasileiro – com bonus pics da Catedral Angelopolitana de Santo Ângelo - SkyscraperCity