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Wonderful Illustrations by DestinyBlue

"Wishing well" by Amanda Cass | RedbubbIe. . . .Yep, wish for love xox

。。anime, im totally going to try to draw this

The Roman Goddess Fluonia, (from fluo, fluere, "to flow," ) is a form of Juno. She is responsible for retaining the nourishing menstrual blood within the pregnant womb. Women attended to the cult of Juno Fluonia "because she held back the flow of blood (i.e., menstruation) in the act of conception." Medieval mythographers noted this aspect of Juno, which marked a woman as a mater (mother) rather than a virgo (maiden).

"Reading is the sole means by which we slip into another's skin." Joyce Carol Oates

Saudações pequenos gafanhotos, hoje no primeiro artigo que escrevo para inspirar vocês, vamos falar um pouco do uso de raças humanoides baseadas em animais.