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lindíssima, não?

Marilyn Monroe Tattoos For Girls | Tagged as: marilyn monroe. marilyn. monroe. tattoo. love. sexy. hoy.

Marilyn Monroe Quote

Wish I knew who made this art. It's done an amazing job of capturing modern "americana!"

Marilyn Monroe, This is my favorite photo of her! The man reason because this dress did not fit her. It other photos like this one you can see it is unzipped. Also because her make up and hair stylist did not do her up. She did her en make up and hair <3<3 Flawless!

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are" -Marilyn Monroe #quote #inspirational

drinks vector art jack daniels - Pesquisa Google

Marilyn Monroe... B4 skinny, there was a thing called Sexy :) you're all beautiful lovelies

The Ultimate Little Black Dress


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