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Yesterday... When the coffee shop only has one "baby" to play with. #thestruggleisreal #pennyandstellaforever by monkeyandsquirrel #BringBirthBack! with #SeeBaby and #SeeBabyMidwifery


You Can Decline Services: What I Wish I Knew About Hospital Bills Before I Gave Birth

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10 Decisions for Parents of Newborns

10 Decisions you will have to make (or will be made for you if you don't know any different) at the birth of your child. Very good information for ALL soon-to-be mothers or those who plan to have children one day.

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12 Products That Save Your Ass When You’re a New Mom

Ta-Ta Towel: Why this wasn’t invented sooner is beyond me. (Then again, shows like Shark Tank wouldn’t exist, right?) Ta-Ta Towel is the perfect accessory to any set of boobs. For the breastfeeding mama, the ultrasoft lining is heaven on those irritated nipples, and it mops up any extra leakage that happens. Can’t rave enough about this. The Ta-Ta Towel also keeps moisture from building up under your chest while you’re getting ready for the day or to go out for the night. (You know, for all…


In order to thrive as humans we must learn from each other. We don’t have all the time in the world to make all the mistakes. That’s why we need to “eat” from the “fruit” other people give to the world, produced through their lifetime of trail and error, experimenting and learning. This “fruit” is called wisdom and it applies to most of us. We each can learn from the wisdom of others because it holds universal truth about life. No matter how your path differs from theirs, you can apply…


Good and quick info on 5 feng shui elements as expressed in one's personality traits. Here's how to create a good feng shui home to nourish your feng shui element Find more feng shui decor tips: .

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The Truth About Delayed Cord Clamping

Wow! I had heard of delayed cord clamping, but I didn't really know why it was done. I thought it was just one of those "crunchy" things people did you had homebirths. This information blew my mind. Saving for later!

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11 GIFs to Make You Want Coffee

Most Awesome Coffee Gifs | The Daily Meal


As soon as the baby comes out, it’s all, “So long. Farewell. And may the odds be ever in your favor.” True, those first days postpartum aren’t the most pleasant to talk about. Here’s what I wish I’d had at home the first time around. #postbaby #whattoexpect |