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Veja 16 tatuagens mágicas inspiradas em Harry Potter

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What Book Do You Belong In?

Fairytale - I'm playing with the idea of modern fairytale. Or at least a 'Once upon a time...' style of script. Possibly done like a vlog? Maybe created through flashbacks? Set in the present most likely. Every child dreams of their own fairy land. Not nescessairly full of fairies, princesses, princes and castles but always, ALWAYS full of magic and make believe. Their own little universe. The focus could be on the main characters fairy land. Taking real situations and imagining them as a…

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Godric's Hollow (autumn)

Ohyes, this is what Sirius and James would have done... and of course Lily.... do I even have to explain?

10 Pieces Of "Percy Jackson" Fan Art To Celebrate The Series' 10th Anniversary

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Um, I feel threatened. Because Rogers was born great, and then became even greater. Thor had to earn his greatness. And Tony pretty much inherited it.

Hermione by Skadivore

Newt Scamander - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.