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Yup you are a pathological liar. They courts saw it too

the ones who find happiness are the ones who don't make excuses. if its broken, they fix it.. if its wrong they make it right.

Pathological liars- grifters. Work hard to get vulnerable people to believe them. Like religious zealots - the lambs will flock to them - only to be slaughterd on the alter of their own ignorance. However it is what they bring down with them that burns my ass.

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I pray for YOU.Your a hypocrite,your a pathological liar and user.Your bitter and you have a very ugly cold heart.

tired of having pathological liars in my life ... learn to speak the truth!!!!! sorry if your life sucks so you have to elaborate ... lets be clear you have to have a bf to get married. a studio apartment is not a condo ... the list is too long really.

They're called liars, manipulators and face-savers, and they're very insecure deep down. Bless their hearts.

The Malignant Narcissist is one of the most severe forms of narcissism, often accompanied by BPD characteristics.They tend to be vile, cruel and malicious, full of self-doubts and self-loathing. They are pathological liars who believe their lies are the truth. Sadism, hatred and uncontrollable aggression are the most common traits whose paranoid features drive self-serving aspirations.

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