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Vamos Colorir - Marzipã - Pássaros

As Crônicas de Wesley

Sums up the characters; Kirito (sword art online) and Yoshida (my little monster)

I speak German, so I got that it was like "Mama this, this, this!", but as someone who's first language is English, yeah, little bit of a problem. Lol.

não é vingança... é lei de newton: tudo o que vai, volta!

Lol little West. There should be a tv show that just follows the Collins' around all day.

Oh yeah! Para quem muito quer saber, pouco se lhe diz mas tenho novidades ✌️️

Community Post: 22 Times Harry Potter Wasn't The Brightest Wand In The Bunch

No one expects him to be Hermione, but all I'm asking for is a little common sense.

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