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judo techniques - 40 técnicas do Gokyo Kodokan (não estão na ordem das 5 séries)

Krav Maga Basics... really want to get into this stuff, looks fun

..: harai goshi with open collar grip :..

judo cartoons - Google Search Visit for discount Judo supplies!

the origins of martial arts come from oppressed people who were prohibited from using weapons and possessing tools (by political, military or religious decree), to prevent rebellion/assassination attempts against the king-emperor-high priest oppressor. Forced to use their minds and find new ways to protect themselves, the people created and mastered the art of fighting without conventional weapons by using their complete bodymind. See also Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do. Muay_Thai

Short guide which outlines a fast and secure way to wrap the hands for boxing --- Good to know for when I start wrapping in kickboxing

For some reason I feel like this should be put on the Sherlock board..

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Belt System, a very long and exciting journey.

Ju-Jitsu includes striking (kicking and punching), throwing (body throws, joint lock throws, unbalance throws), restraining (pinning, strangling, grappling, wrestling) and weaponry. Defensive tactics include blocking, evading, off-balancing, blending and escaping.