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The Golden Circle: Start with why…

Start with why... visualization of The Golden Circle by Simon Sinek.

Are you honest? Are you straightforward and fair? Are you a good listener? Are you reliable—do you keep your promises? Can they trust you? Trust is everything, especially if you are leading another person, a team or a company toward a shared goal or mission. Without a credible reputation, your followers will be hesitant, uncomfortable and unsure of whom they’re really following. And that insecurity, that lack of confidence, can crumble the loyalty and united support that’s vital in an ...

Taking on the Giants: 3 Considerations for Tech Entrepreneurs

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8 Powerful Ways to Mold Children Into Leaders

As parents and caretakers of children, their path to leadership is in our hands.

'Investing for Good' Gains Appeal Amid Rocky Tech Startup Market

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Signs You’re Being Passive-Aggressive

20140828 - Recognize When You're Being Passive-Aggressive by Muriel Maignan Wilkins - HBR.ORG Why is it so hard to recognize this in ourselves if you easily recognize it in others?

Focus: Mastering The Building Blocks of Strategy -