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Explora Dinossauro Parte, Coisinhas Festa e outros!

Biscuit e outras coisinhas: FESTA DO DINOSSAURO: PARTE II

Puzles para los niños pequeños, se repasa el tema de los dinosaurios y la motrocidad

From Becca's Home to Yours...With Love: Throwing a Jungle Party, Part 3: Leaves & Vines

Art illustration - Pterosaur - Tupandactylus: is a genus of pterosaur from the…

Bolo de aniversario Dinossauro

fossilporn: “Marrellomorph arthropod, a strange and poorly understood early-branching arthropod group with no living descendants. From the Ordovician aged fossil beds of southeastern Morocco. ”

de Why Evolution Is True

The lost world of Fossil Lake

from The lost world of Fossil Lake by Lance Grande - Protorohippus venticolum #equid #eocene

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Scientists Discover New Dinosaur Species Dubbed 'Chicken From Hell' (PHOTO)

Scientists Discover New Dinosaur Species Dubbed 'Chicken From Hell' | The newly discovered species, Anzu wyliei, is part of the oviraptorosaur group of dinosaurs, but has been unofficially dubbed the "Chicken from Hell." | Dinosaur of the Suborder: Theropoda / Clade: †Oviraptorosauria / Family: †Caenagnathidae / Subfamily: †Caenagnathinae / Genus: †Anzu

These dino fossils cookies made from the BEST sugar cookie recipe, rolling it out and cutting it into circles, imprinted them with a {washed} dino and made foot prints, then took a little cinnamon sugar concoction, and sprinkled in the foot prints. Baked and done. Recipe found here -