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Photograph by @paulnicklen //@cristinamittermeier navigates home after a long day of diving in the caves and cenotes of the Yucatán, Mexico. Swimming through a gorgeous curtain of light always lets you know that there is open sky and breathing air above. Please #follow me on @paulnicklen to see more from a recent diving expedition. #adventure #nature #dive #diving @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #gratitude

Photograph taken by @paulnicklen while on assignment for @natgeo in the Falkland Islands. A Caracara also known as a Johnny Rook plays effortlessly soaring in the in the gale force winds as a squall hits Steeple Jason from the west. In the northwest Falklands during a one hour period it is easy to experience hail sleet extreme winds no wind cold and warm conditions. What seemed challenging to us provides the perfect conditions for 400000 black-browed albatross who need these winds to take…

Photo by @stefanounterthiner | A small group of king penguins is returning to sea at the end of the breeding season. I took this photograph during my five months assignment for @natgeo (my first assignment for the Magazine) in 2007 in the archipelago of Crozet Possession island. @thephotosociety #penguin #bird #sea #group by natgeo

Photo by @shonephoto (Robbie Shone) - Ten years after the 'Raging Danger' expedition that featured in the September 2006 issue of @NatGeo magazine I'm heading back to the same island New Britain to continue exploration of these wild and ferocious rivers that flow through the vast caves of Papua New Guinea. by natgeo

photo by @randyolson | words by @neilshea13 In those days we ate many more animals including hippos and crocodiles and most of all perch biggest and best of the lake fish. We hunted by mood and season and men often went below water with their spears walking the mud-bottom stirring up creatures for the cook-fires. Hunters learned to hold their breath and open their eyes to join the water-world and forget for a while the world of air. Sinking and staying under took skill. Stalking was real…

Two juvenile chinstrap penguin chicks rest on a large iceberg after taking to the sea for the first time. #penguins #environment #nature #photography by paulnicklen

Dogs are this wonderful reminder of our daily blessings. We so often forget that our good health is such a gift...and that we don't need fancy toys...the world is full of free sticks. by thiswildidea

Divers ascend through shafts of light during their decompression stops after a long dive in a cave system in Mexico.

Photo by @BrianSkerry A pod of Narwhals rest on the surface in the waters of the high arctic off Canadas Navy Board Inlet. Narwhals are called the unicorn whale due to their tusk which is actually a canine tooth that protrudes from the animals lip. Male narwhal tusks can grow to lengths of nearly nine feet. Coverage from an upcoming story in @natgeo about climate change in the arctic and the effect on wildlife and culture. For more ocean animal pics follow @BrianSkerry @thephotosociety…

Photo by @pedromcbride // Happy Holidays from the wild corners of the world. Im excited to return to this outdoor cathedral to face it's humbling weather and find a line through its secrets as #kevinfedarko and I continue walking the entirety of Grand Canyon National Park for @natgeo. To see more images of wild places follow @pedromcbride (#petemcbride). #grandcanyon #chasingrivers #humility #coloradoriver #nature #picoftheday #wilderness by natgeo