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Ainda por cima com prova de história! Foi tortura!

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You have no idea how true this is...

“Man, I don’t understand how it happened. I’m so sorry—” “Sorry? ” Percy growled. Annabeth put a hand on her boyfriend’s chest. / "Cara,eu não sei como isso aconteceu,estou muito arrependido,descupa." - "Desculpa?" - Percy grunhiu.Annabeth colocou a mão no peito do namorado.

"LOL NOOB!".....I laughed for a REALLY long time at this

WHAT IS THIS REALLY WHAT IT SAYS? Well, I mean, it's accurate, but...

percy jackson fan art viria - Pesquisa Google

I will cover the bottom of the page with my hand to stop myself from doing this during tense moments.

How to get the attention of a book worn girl