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Miss Mosh Photographer: Collective Chaos Latex: Collective Chaos Veiled Latex Fedora Hat

My LA teacher once yelled 'LETS SEE THAT SPIRIT' at a school pep rally, and my friend said 'oh no' and I screamed 'S-P-I-R-I-T, SPIRIT, LETS HEAR IT' and she smacked me

so when I went to their concert, there was a mosh pit, and ppl got kicked out for crowd surfing

normal person: sings lyrics me: sings lyrics :sings backup vocals :sings guitar riffs :air-drums entire song :headbangs

Pinup hair! Thinking side rolls for my beautiful bridesmaids - any objections? If you don't want rolls, we can probably just do soft pretty waves! <3

Baptism done right

Oh my god this makes me laugh so much haha baptise her with music of our people haha

tag yourself, I'm welcome to the black parade tbh (marching band ftw)

Moshing Etiquette - At 5'5" and 250 lbs. I was taken out of a mosh pit and was relieved. But I also got thrown into a wall of death and got taken out by the same guy got me out of the mosh pit. That guy is my fucking hero.

Warped Tour ;D LOVE THIS! unfortunately I am part of both of these types of concerts. Unfortunately only because of the top photo.

YESSSSS YES YES YES YES I don't know what a mosh pit is, and I think it is a big crowd singing