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♥ Vice-Presidente da Meliá Hotels International Brasil encontra-se com o Secretário de Turismo do Estado de São Paulo durante Prêmio Os Dez Mais do Turismo ♥

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I love you I love you anyhow And I don’t care if...

Nina Simone grew my love for the art of singing. Her songs are beautiful and her words made me fall deeper in love with poetry.

This copy of “Les Fleurs du Mal,” circa 1868-‘69, was painted by Charles Meunier with Death as a skeleton whose outstretched arms are foliated branches, standing among thistle leaves and flowers.

Smiles Behind the Shadowsby Paul Quiambao =

- What are we talking about? - Filling the cinema with Nazis and burning it to the ground. - I'm not talking about that. You're talking about that.

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How Obama's Presidency Mirrors JFK's

The very family spending hundreds of millions to disparage President Obama was the same that taunted President Kennedy, the Koch family. Only it wasn't the Tea Party then, it was the John Birch Society, goggle it. Dallas was toxic. The atmosphere was “something unrelated to conventional politics—a stridency, a disease of the spirit, a shrill, hysterical note suggestive of a deeply troubled society.” Duly observing that even the greatest presidents have been vilified in their time—Lincoln as…

i've told you something similiar to this before,, but this says it better. i swear im syco, or obsessed, but sometimes, i wonder about the future and try to picture it. and you're in it,, if only in my dreams, you still are.

Kanako's illustrations are just lovely. And usually located somewhere in Paris, which adds an extra frisson of delight.

"Gorillas display many human-like behaviors and emotions, such as laughter and sadness. They even make their own tools to help them survive in the forest. In fact, gorillas share 98.3% of their genetic code with humans, making them our closest cousins after chimpanzees and bonobos. The largest of the great apes, gorillas are stocky animals with broad chests and shoulders, large, human-like hands and small eyes set into hairless faces.