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“English version below ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Inktober dia 05 Bom gente, já faz um tempo que eu tenho vontade de fazer algumas…”


10(ish) tips to create your own writing ritual

I'm all about rituals.  So when I had to sit down to write a speech for leap conference a few weeks ago, I ended up knocking it out in less than an hour.  It was a 40 minute speech that was on a topic that the conference organizer and I agreed on ("Your Brand Story") and it was pretty good, guys. Totally gonna toot my own horn.  And when I was talking with folks after, a few were blown away it hadn't taken weeks to prepare. (To which I'm like "who the hell has time for THAT?!")  But…

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Your Problem Isn’t Motivation

“Peter,” my friend Byron emailed me a few days ago. “I haven’t been diligent about working out over the past five years and I’m trying to get back in the gym and get myself into a healthier state. I’ve found that on my quest for a Mind, Body, Spirit balance, my body has been neglected. […]

QUASE TRÊS MESES DE MALHAÇÃO Completei quase três meses de academia com um pouco menos de assiduidade do que gostaria. A dieta tá mais pra lá do que pra cá. Explico: comecei uma nova saga, a de arranjar novo trampo, nova virada na vida, novos desafios. Friozinho bom na barriga. E esse é sempre um momento de tensão, porque a gente tem que refazer a rotina e colocar a roda pra girar mais forte ainda.

Father I just want to say thank you for all the wonderful things you are doing for me, my family and my friends

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Fashion Week Street Style, Day Eight: That's All, Folks

Ladylike and modern, so good. // More Racked street style: (

Yikes! I play the Victim Card in Marriage! Do you?

In our hectic, hurried, harassed age in which headache and tranquilizer medications have become the best-selling national products, we must occasionally be made to lie down by our Shepherd-Savior. When He steps into our helter-skelter world, He must often force us to rest. If that has occurred, give thanks—the pastures are green!

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Teaching Children to Calm Themselves

Teaching kids to self calm and recognizing their emotions is the greatest life skill and makes the difference between demanding a child bend and helping him grow.