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graphite illustrations by Brian Boulton

THE KIDS ON TUMBLER GET IT<<< YES! (Sorry for the swears but this is importantly true)

omg. do people honestly not understand the meaning behind that?

Painting figures in Watercolour ( Part 1) by Trevor Waugh - YouTube

Pretending there is a process to donating money. The process is figuring out how much money they'll take out before they do give it to those who ACTUALLY need it

Leonardo da Vinci Gazing intently at the portrait before him, the elderly Leonardo works on Mona Lisas elusive smile. His sketches and paint experiments litter his messy studio. M Gallery

This novel has completely changed from dark and twisty to a flat-out comedy. That's the only way I could figure out how to redeem this villain without hating her for the rest of time. I'm laughing my ass off at her, and it's working because it's demonstrating that all of us have the potential to be evil. Some people are actually accidental villains. It's like what would happen if Phoebe Buffay went over to the dark side. It's becoming something I didn't intend...but it works. #write

I'm not sure if I should put this in chibi or Harry Potter so I'm going to put it here