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An awesome Virtual Reality pic! A necklace with a porcelain pendant and an augmented reality App for your phone. Check the website for information on the Kickstarter project. BianconiglioApp is also on Facebook Pinterest Twitter. Follow us there too! #augmentedreality #bianconiglio #pendant #necklace #jewel #jewel #jewellery #shapeways #porcelain #ceramics #flower #flowers #jewelry #necklace #virtualreality #kickstarter #gift #vr #ar #art #fashion #shopping #instagood…

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A Virtual Reality Sky Projected Above a Parisian Church by Artist Miguel Chevalier

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6 Virtual Tours Of The Human Body For Free Interactive Anatomy Lessons

Interactive Anatomy Lessons with 6 virtual tours of the human body. Google Body had a couple of glitches but the eSkeletons site is a great resource for high school students learning about the human body or any other animal, for that matter.

The Google Expeditions Pioneer Program will come to your school and show you how to offer virtual reality field trips that will captivate your students.

4 GAME VIRTUAL REALITY YANG TIDAK KALAH MENYERAMKAN DARI THE CONJURING 2 Siapa sih yang tidak mengenal The Conjuring 2 film horor yang ngehits sejak dirilis pada tanggal 10 Juni 2016. Menurut kabar yang dilaporkan oleh The Times of India film ini sampai membuat salah satu penontonnya meninggal dunia saat menyaksikan adegan klimaks dari film yang diangkat dari kisah nyata itu. Horornya lagi jenazah sang penonton itu hilang saat akan dipindahkan ke Tiruvannamalai Government Medical College…

The house of the rising sun by ramon4 via

"Hope of Deliverance" is a 2017 semi-season collection by Masha Agapkina, a Moscow based artist and a fashion designer in creative collaboration with a photographer Irina Konnova (@irenconn). The collection is personal reflection on the current geopolitical uncertainty in the world, which puts huge pressure on people and pushes them to find escape in virtual reality or even seriously think about moving to another planet.

Colorful path by Andre_Villeneuve

Be Curious by videophotoart_europe