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“Uh huh. Truth!! And what causes inflammation? Many things, including sugar!! Diving into this today on the Primal Potential blog! Eat well. It's not about…”

“Truth bomb via #Repost @paleochef ・・・ If you have the ability to make things happen then you should absolutely make things happen. Pssssst. You always…”

For some reason, this has really been on my heart today. Your health is a GIFT. Your ability to improve your health is an opportunity not afforded to everyone. What you put in your mouth determines your future health. Please, aesthetics aside, start taking better care of your body. Don't take your health for granted. #health #nutrition #food #mindset #paleo #primal #primalpotential

Tis the season for #weightloss #goals. Most people will fail be they try to do too much. The fact is you'll get better, faster results by doing LESS but being more consistent. Link in my profile for today's blog on why and how to do less and get more out of it! #healthy #paleo #primal #cleaneating #eatrealfood #jerf

My sister @dsnaks13 is making me cards for Primal Potential! So excited!! #business #quotes #love

“Love this. Truth!!!!!! It changes everything!! #quotes #Repost #truth #attitude #mindset”

I'm all about my affirmations today. ✅ I am strong, determined and capable of everything. ✅ I am front-site focused ✅ Great things will happen today ✅ I achieve amazing things everyday ✅ I inspire and encourage everyone around me ✅ I eagerly fuel my body with healthy foods ✅ I bring passion and intensity to my daily workouts ✅ Everyday my body is leaner and stronger

Do NOT limit your potential to what you can achieve within the confines of your comfort zone. I can FEEL the boundaries of my comfort zone and I consciously choose to push beyond them because I know that my progress & my goals exist beyond my comfort zone. Today on the blog I'm writing about just that. How and I why I cross those boundaries even when it's not easy. Click @elizabethbenton and the link is right there in my profile

everything is possible. It doesn't require perfection. It doesn't require misery. It just requires consistent progress every day. Don't wait until tomorrow. Do one thing today. #goals

Love this from @tydnewell ! Intelligent, hope-filled conversation. ❤️ #quotes #truth #inspire #wellness