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Haahauajajahajahajahaajaah muito Nico

Jason would be the biggest shipper and Percy would stare a Will with jealosy "What does Solace have that I don't?"

Instagram photo by @Meleana Estes Matthews (f.a.n.d.o.m.s.<3) | Statigram

The thought of solangelo sharing an apartment is to perfect!! :D

Percy is awesome, but if it were my choice, definitely Percy.

Will Solace I never thought of this before, and it sounds amazing.

what about hazel and piper? << Eh they'd be perfect at it so it would be boring to mention them

The "Percy Is Not Our Type" club? I doubt that will ever gain more than two members.

Watch where you step, my heart just shattered all over the floor. It so…

Solangelo<< this would so be their relationship! xD