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XD #solangelo<< the fandom agrees that they are the dorkiest dorks in the world!!

solangelo in the future omG I JUST EWHUJNUJEKHUD

what about hazel and piper? << Eh they'd be perfect at it so it would be boring to mention them

4/10 "I'm a coward," Nico asked calmly. "Do you know how many deaths I feel in a week? A day? It's terrible. Do you know how many times I've wanted to kill myself because of it? Do you know what death feels like, Will Solace? Do you?" He closed his eyes for a moment and turned away. "Nico-" "Of course I know what's happened here, Will. I of all people should know who's died in this very bed. I can feel the death coming off of it. There's so much pain here." "Maybe I hide…

Instagram photo by @Meleana Estes Matthews (f.a.n.d.o.m.s.<3) | Statigram

Percy is awesome, but if it were my choice, definitely Percy.