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35 Boss Quotes For The Modern Entrepreneurial Gentleman

você pode pagar a escola, mas você não pode comprar classe

de Style Estate

75 Great Motivational Quotes For The Modern Gentleman

One day you'll just be a memory to some people. Do your best to be a good one.

-Michael Corleone from The Godfather

Don't make someone a priority who makes you an option.

É ISSO CARA!! Por quê é tão difícil?

As small children...I warned my Hollie and Justin that some even those that pretend to be family and friend...aren't! They both are on high alert and can spot these snakes way ahead of most! They have gut radar as I snakes beware...we will kill you dead...before you strike! You might get a hiss in but we will kill you in your snake infested life! Trust me!