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Top 10 Shark Dives From Whale Sharks to Great White Sharks

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Now Sea This: The 10 Most Amazing Bizarre Sharks

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Hammerhead Shark photo by Alan C Egan.

sharkhugger: EU Shark Finning Ban We are Making the Final Push to Protect Europe’s Sharks After years of sustained pressure to close loopholes in the European Shark Finning ban, Project AWARE together with all our Shark Alliance partners are making the final PUSH to Protect Europe’s Sharks. And WE NEED YOUR HELP! Add your voice to protect sharks!

Photo by @BrianSkerry A Shortfin Mako Shark in New Zealand swims open-mouthed at photographer Brian Skerry. Makos are one of the fastest fish in the sea, capable of bursts up to 60mph and of all shark species they have one of the largest brains, relative to body size. The numbers of makos have declined worldwide due to over fishing and the demand for shark fins. They are currently listed as vulnerable.