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Knitting is both a fun and useful hobby. Some say it helps them relax, gather their thoughts and also has similar effects to meditation. Others claim that mastering a complicated knitting pattern gives you a sense of accomplishment, as if you've just completed a huge puzzle. Certain experts even think it's a means of preventing arthritis and battling chronic pain. One thing's for sure – knitting can help you fill your closet with unique items. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, someone…


Caseado ponto V em crochê

My World Craft: Пом-Пом Maker и вязания крючком маркер

Kit 2 porta-copos Melancia em feltro

Josi Croche: Passo -a -passo do Tênis All Star em croche

Sent from my BlackBerry Crochet sampler jacket

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