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Nergal is an ancient Sumero-Babylonian deity and the god of the netherworld, where he rules with his consort Ereshkigal. Nergal actually seems to be in part a solar deity, sometimes identified with Shamash, but only a representative of a certain phase of the sun. Portrayed in hymns and myths as a god of war and pestilence, Nergal seems to represent the sun of noontime and of the summer solstice that brings destruction, high summer being the dead season in the Mesopotamian annual cycle.

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A Jornada Para Traduzir e Entender o Manuscrito Voynich

A Jornada Para Traduzir e Entender o Manuscrito Voynich | Motherboard

Sumerian carved tablet with Tree of Life Alguna similitud con el ADN? ADN anyone?

Atahualpa, o 13º e último imperador inca, morreu por estrangulamento, no ano de 1533, pelas mãos dos conquistadores espanhóis liderados por Francisco Pizarro

Orante ante los símbolos de Marduk y Nabu, divinidades de la realeza Babilonia. Cristal azul, siglos VII-VI a. C.

Eye idols. Tell Brak, Iraq. Jemdat Nasr Period. First half of 4th millennium BCE.

Semiramis (The queen of skies) - "Semiramis and Nimrod acquired their vast and intricate knowledge from Horus and Marduk, the two fallen angels, who are hanging suspended in the underground well at Babel"

dama de baza. museo arqueológico de madrid. spain