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Adopted !! Timothy and Rosa . In their world nectar warfare has destroyed most of the planet . They are brother and sister . Must adopt together

Adopt, one per person! ALL ADOPTED

ADOPTED! This is Iris. She has been struck with cancer and only has two years to live. Even with her condition, Iris is always positive and happy. She has a bucket list that she'd like to complete before she dies.

This is Lily she is 16 she loves plants very much and wishes plants never died she is very sweet and giving she takes vey good care of plants one of her plants lasted for three years. Tho she loves plants a lot and wishes they would never died the only thing she wants more than that is a friend adopt?

✮ ANIME ART ✮ food. . .baking a cake. . .sweets. . .personification of icing. . .blue hair. . .meido costume. . .maid. . .apron. . .parfait. . .muffin. . .colorful. . .cute. . .kawaii

Gelbooru- Image View - 1girl black legwear braid character name clenched hand dangan ronpa hair ribbon kirigiri kyouko long hair necktie parted lips purple eyes purple hair ribbon school uniform simple background skirt solo thighhighs toosaka asagi twin braids | 1869359

Dang girl! - Anime, Girl, Dark, Gothic Lolita,