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#BodyByIza training mode for the Nike Women Victory Tour at Rio in April!! #BodyByIza já no clima treinando para Nike Women Victory Tour no Rio de Janeiro em abril!! Está chegando galera!! E vocês estão prontas? #vemjunto #ntc #training #workout #focus #dedication #motivation #healthy #lifestyle #justdoit by iza_goulart

These Mesmerizing Illustrations Will Help You Get the Best Stretch

Alongamento = porque mais importante do que exercitar é alongar

My diet & training program is in the link in my profile! What keeps me motivated? I know what it feels like to not be healthy fit confident and positive and I don't want to go back to feeling that way. I know what it feels like when I am my best and I want to feel that way for as long as I can. I feel better when I exercise and eat nutritious food. I have more energy and feel lighter and strong. My digestive system functions better when I eat healthy food and the bloating discomfort pains…

Fans of yoga are probably familiar with the Sun Salutation, a sequence of 12 poses that follow each other in the goal of tonifying and activating the body. It can be an excellent way to warm up your body before a workout, or it can simply be a part of your morning routine. Photo: Pinterest We all know the benefits of yoga, but are you familiar with the ones specifically associated with the practice of the sun salutation? Here are a few: Because the entire body is in movement, the sun…

Thank you to everyone who has jumped across to my new beauty page @emilyskyebeauty - I hope you're enjoying my posts. I can't wait to post more mini tutorial videos. As much as I love being natural and makeup free I also enjoy playing around with makeup and it's like a form of art for me. . @emilyskyebeauty . . #makeup #beauty #makeuptutorial #eyes #lipstick #eyeshadows by emilyskyefit

squats #agachamento Desafio do Agachamento 30 dias que agachamento, qualquer um pode fazer em casa, não exige nenhum tipo de material. ACEITA O DESAFIO ?

Back home at my park and back into my fitness antics!! haha I've always said it but I believe fitness should be fun! Yes you need to put in the hard work train correctly and make it challenging...but it doesn't need to be torture!! Sometimes your tastes change and you might prefer one style of exercise for a little while...then another some time later and that's ok! We can't love the same thing all the time (sometimes we can ) ...I always love bodyweight training but for the last few weeks…

4 Exercises For Lower Back Pain Relief

Quatro exercícios de yoga

Now Playing around with my friend stylist @dudufarias ... He just made a mini dress out of he's pillowcase! Should I wear it out tonight?? Hahaha Na prova de roupa com meu querido amigo @dudufarias ...acreditem se quiser ele fez agora esse mini vestido com a fronha do próprio travesseiro!! Sera Que uso hoje a noite??! Hahaha #Thursdaynight #fitting #friends #fun #goodtimes #ootn by iza_goulart

Découvrez le programme ciblé pour affiner et sculpter ses bras en 20 minutes chez soi.