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The spirit of my flower in Sunbeam! I took this picture yesterday; straight from my camera, no editing or alteration at all/ Genealogy work progress notes: Sweet! Looks like a Fleur de Lis/Is one of my coat of arms/see upper right hand corner of Red Rose. Like my French Royalty ancestors/Reminds me of an Egyptian royalty type / from old paintings... Rainbow colored Fleur de Lis looks like mine, meaning a mix of different Royalties... Definition of Fleur-de-Lys in link…

Valentine's Day Rose Color Meaning. Boydita Flowers Delivered Central Coast Online Florist Wallpapers

Rose Color Meanings by kawaii-panda-aru524 on deviantART

Rose Color Meanings by kawaii-panda-aru524 on deviantART


Flowers & their meanings.

Roses are traditionally and still and always will be the gift associated with love. The long stemmed rose whether a red rose or another colour has significant meaning to the recipiant. Valentines day is long assocated with a loved one however roses can be sent all throughout the year to express your feelings to someone close to you, and yes males do like them. A perfect anniversary or birthday gift.

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Golden Rose In the love language of flowers, yellow roses mean joy and friendship

Coconut crab, Birgus latro, an endangered species

A whole new meaning to the term, "white paper" . . . white paper rose wreath . . . beautiful.