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Hyperloop, uma ideia para viajar a 1200 km/h

Howe Art

Disney está criando um livro de colorir que “traz os personagens à vida”

Hyperloop high-speed transport system proposed for 5 Indian routes

creativity is the ability to think novel of a situation and think original and unique of a self, other or a situation. Here are some ways to be creative

Las novedades más recientes sobre los avances en el Apple Campus 2 - http://www.soydemac.com/novedades-apple-campus-2/

Viruses called phages attacking bacteria. Scenes like this are playing out within the ecosystem of your body even now.

8. Intensifying nationalism

Governments and urban planners need to think mobility ahead of traffic when designing the infrastructure of tomorrow. Smart mobility solutions can be a steppingstone for growth – mobility is the end, infrastructure the means.

ASIA MIDDLE CLASS: 2/3 of the World's middle class will live in Asia by 2030.

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