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Sinfônica do Estado de SP / Uma orquestra sinfónica dispõe cinco classes de instrumentos: as cordas (violinos, violas, violoncelos, contrabaixos, harpas) as madeiras (flautas, flautins, oboés, corne-inglês, clarinetes, clarinete baixo, fagotes, contrafagotes) os metais (trompetes, trombones, trompas, tubas) os instrumentos de percussão (tímpanos, triângulo, caixas, bombo, pratos, carrilhão sinfónico, etc.) os instrumentos de teclas (piano, cravo, órgão)

Muzio Clementi (1752 - 1832) Italian Musician naturalized British, probably the first composer to write pieces dedicated to the dynamic possibilities of the then new instrument: the piano. He was a great developer of modern piano technique, using the examples of pre-romantic sonatas for harpsichord of Domenico Scarlatti and a gallant style found in the compositions of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach and his younger brother, Johann Christian Bach

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High school I-IV: The harpsichord was and still is a defining feature in baroque era music. It is still traditional today to play the harpsichord when playing any baroque music. The link I have attached to this pin explains the differences between a harpsichord and a piano.

Johannes Ruckers 1638. Classical Music.

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Cravo (instrumento )

Pleyel, Paris, 1886 Wonderful quality decorated case specially commissioned by us, done by a leading painter of the ‘Chinoiserie’ style, based on historical examples. Detailed figurework , with dramatic lid painting of cranes in a Chinese landscape. 6’4”

Italian Harpischord 1750

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