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Ok so this is only like the best thing I've seen ever (or in the last hour #ADDproblems) not only is it the bills #billsMafia we all know my problem with the "C" word cough commit... Sent to me from @liannbryan one of my longest followers. Love you boo! Thank you doll Krull is gonna love this one

I'm on a blocking spree weeeeeeeee Rp from my girl @womenruletheuniverse PS to that thieving cunt that's stealing my shit and removing my watermark it's ok boo I know it must hard to be so basic and not have any natural talent. Not all of us were born with it. #immitationisthebestformofflattery

Scar! Brother… Help me!

Scar ! Brother ! Help me ! - Scar ! Mon frère ! Aide moi !

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Mother goose and her Ryan Goslings...I just laughed out loud all by myself at work at 430 in the morning....this is funny!

"Acaso luzco como Phineas y Ferb??? "

Perfect timing. Some of these are hilarious.

Perfect timing

Perfect timing. Some of these are hilarious.

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