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This is Literally what I think of Every time someone Seriously Pisses me off, which is almost Always.

It's ok darling, I know you're not a whore. Whores get paid, where as you give your shit out free of charge.

Ok we all know by now that I do not agree with this but come on! Haha this is hilarious.

DIVERGENT, THE HUNGER GAMES, SHERLOCK, THE MAZE RUNNER, THE SELECTION ( I haven't read the last one so no spoilers), LEGEND (no spoilers either for book 3), ONCE UPON A TIME. GO!!!

de Salem Witch Hunt

Baiting and Bashing

Ok I lied. But....... You cheated. Neither of us was right. But I have kept my mouth shut and you blab and gossip...... So Good Luck. We can all get a fresh start with a younger model.

23 Struggles All Kids With Strict Parents Understand

Click for all pictures, Inappropriate Tea Time, Because we are Classy when it comes to tea time! I REALLY NEED A SET OF THESE!!! I can't decide if I like #6 or #8 more LOL!! humor, funny, lmao, joke, offensive, naughty, Slut, bitch, whore, fucking crazyass, hooker, Bloodthirsty, floozy, hussy

I HAVE FINALLY REACHED THAT MOMENT OF MY LIFE! anyone else? nope just me....oh ok *all by myseeeelllffff~*