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Details about Pysanka, Pysanky Easter Egg Pendant, SS GP Enameled, Ukrainian Embroidery

Pysanka Ovo De Páscoa, Pysanky Pingente De Prata Esterlina, Banhado A Ouro Esmaltado, ucraniano Bordado

Traditional 'pysanky', or Ukrainian Easter eggs, that I made in the year 1998 (Made and photographed by Dave Melnychuk)

Very beautiful PYSANKA handpainted blown Ukrainian real Easter EGG

Pysanky (Ukrainian Easter eggs) A note on pronunciation, despite what you may have heard on television, a supplier of pysanky tools or from an instructor in a local class, “Pysanka” is correctly pronounced “Pih-sahn-kah” with the plural “Pih-sahn-kih”. All with short vowels. The term “pysanky” is not, never was, nor will it ever be correctly pronounced “pie-SAN-kee or pizz-an-ki”

pysanky Grandma Lee had several of these made by her Mom and family. Amazing and oh so fragile!! If you're oh-so lucky, hold it relaxed open palm. lol

Ukrainian Goose Pysanka - Ram and Pine Needles-Ukrainian Gift Shop

War of the Roses Ukrainian Easter Egg Pysanky By So Jeo

Strength in Knowledge and Wishes

Pysanky: Ukrainian Decorated Eggs | SheWalksSoftly

Real Ukrainian Pysanky. Chicken Pysanka. Hand made HQ from Roman. Easter Egg