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Lined Leaf-tailed Gecko (Uroplatus lineatus) camouflaged amongst dead palm fronds

Insect Camouflage Leaf mimicry is an absolutely extraordinary type of camouflage which helps prey evade detection. These insects have evolved incredible leaflike patterns and modified exoskeletons to utalize this ability.

[Potoo Bird. This is as good as it gets!]

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Eastern screech owl. I love the guys that can hide in plain sight!

15 camouflaged owls — Beautiful birds blending in

Camouflaged Owl.....I couldn't even see him ...thought at first look it was a gator on a log some odd way or other.

As lesmas do mar são os animais mais coloridos do fundo do mar. Em algumas espécies essa variedade de cores indica aos predadores que o animal é venenoso, é a chamada coloração aposemática. Em outras, auxilia na camuflagem, resultado da seleção natural, já que são animais que vivem entre corais que também são bem coloridos!


A leaf mimic bush cricket resembles the shape and colour of the leaves of the plant it lives on in Quito, Ecuador.

Can you see me? - the wrap-around spider has a broad flattened abdomen which it wraps snugly around twigs, and with its bark textures skin and coloring it becomes almost impossible to spot, it relies on its camouflage to ambush insects