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" There's a cry asking why ..."GLEE | Full Performance of "I Know Where I've Been" from "Transitioning"

griseldajane: Legolas tells Thranduil about his day. I’ve been having a pretty terrible couple of days and decided to scribble some Mirkwood Family to distract me. Not really sure where this came from, except Legolas is an excited chatter box, and Thranduil just listens amused and adoring his child. I might clean this up and do something more with it later.

St. Mary's Chapel @ Glastonbury Abbey | "Believed by many to be the actual Avalon where famous sword-from-the-stone Excalibur was forged, where King Arthur died during battle. It's been rumored Arthur was buried at the Abbey. In 1191, monks decided to confirm suspicions by excavating the rumored spot. Sixteen feet below the ground they found two skeletons, believed to be those of King Arthur and his Queen Guinevere. They were later reburied in the Abbey Church where they remain to this…

Petra, Jordan. (this is appropriately where they shot the last scenes from Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade)

English Heritage reports that archaeological excavations along Hadrian’s Wall reveal why it has been so difficult to discover where Roman soldiers kept their mounts. The standard barrack configuration used by Romans included accommodation for horses, with the horses housed just a few feet from the soldiers.

Roskilde Domkirke, Kongelig Gravkirke. List of Kings burried here from 940 -1448 Earlier Kings were burried in St Bendts kirke in Ringsted

Where Financial Samurai Has Been Featured