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16" plush Peace monkey I am breaking down some of my "collections" ..monkey's are one of them! This is my lil Peace monkey! Quiteee soft.. u can't see how vibrant the colors are. .but they are! He is 16" tall w/5.5" tail..made by Dan Dee collectibles .. Dan Dee Other

Mo Pie, Please: celebrities and their dogs

I Create Super Cute And Creepy Dolls

Dr. Michael Freeman Is Allegedly Sick, we are Praying for Him and His Wife, Co-Pastor Dee Dee Freeman ~ Sanctified Church Revolution

Questions: Jews are controlling USA- Dr Zakir Naik Video Link: About Dr ZAKIR NAIK : A restorative specialist by expert preparing Dr Zakir Naik is prestigious as a dynamic global speaker on Islam and Comparative Religion. He is the President of Islamic Research Foundation Mumbai India. He is 49 years of age. Dr Zakir illuminates Islamic perspectives and clears misinterpretations about Islam utilizing the Qur'an credible Hadith and different religious…

NYC - 2013- DEE DEE. Dee Dee has been plastering small wheat paste posters on the walls of New York. His beastly, monochromatic human figures are spray-painted onto a piece of white paper. The artist is hard to locate on the internet. He is a true street artist who expresses himself exclusively on the streets.

O Tsuru é um dos origamis mais conhecidos. Esses passarinhos de papel são especialmente apreciados por noivos, pois segundo a lenda japonesa, aquele que fizer 1000 Tsurus, tem um pedido atendido. Eles são bastante usados na decoração de casamentos, principalmente pendurados em fios, formando cortinas de Tsurus.

Are we too like Scarlett O'Hara? We have love right before us in Jesus Christ and not see it? Entangled in our own pursuits of happiness, we cannot see that He is our only foundation for love. Everything else follows.

Scarlett calls to Ashley as he is about ready to return from his three day furlough at Christmas. "Ashley! Ashley let me go to the depot with you. Oh, Scarlett, I would rather remember you as you are now...not shivering at the depot. All right."