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Explora Barcelona Hoje, Santorini e outros!

Snuck in a quick back session before we're off to play last day in Barcelona today Flying to Athens for a night to catch a flight to Santorini woo! 12 reps, 5 sets #Padgram

SHOULDER WORKOUT. I got a chance to train with my baby today @hardcorefitlarry. People ask what we do so what we did today. Upright row Reps are as follows 30-20-15-12-10-6 Each set ad weight keep rest short Suspended lateral dumbbell raise 18 reps for 5 sets Keep this one isolated and concentrated, stay in the contraction the whole time and squeeze hard the whole time Lateral delt raise to front raise on machine Reps are as follows 20-15-10-15-20 As reps decrease weight increases and…

First workout in what feels like forever The gym at the hotel is tiny so just gota make use of what they got. Full body strength training to get the heart rate up and attempt to burn off the 30 croissants I had this morning (just kidding, doesn't work that way lol- you can't out exercise a bad diet ☝️) Shoulders, thighs, core burning after this 20 reps of each 5 sets #Padgram

- BOOTAY CHALLENGE - Today is a booty challenge day yay! MENTION FRIEND WHO YOU WANT TO CHALLENGE OR DO THIS WITH who wants to sculpt The Glutes! - 1⃣ Deep Step Ups: You can also do these on a regular bench or find a park with similar set up. As you can see even though I'm going all the way down I am using my arms to help me up so I do not put strain on my knee but once I get close to a 90 degree angle, I only use quads and glutes to come up! Then I elevate opposite leg while ...

My 7:30pm somi fitness Plyos and abs class last night #Padgram

Here's a few plyometric exercises you can do at home that will have your booty and legs burning. Superset with a few ab workouts for a quick fat burning workout without equipment. @getfitandthick #fitandthick #Padgram

Jump squats. Lunges. Single leg deadlift. Did legs yesterday but took some time to make you guys a video today! Hope you enjoy. #Padgram

Getting my core stronger has been one of my top goals since becoming a mom. 3 years in and I'm still working on it! I typically do different core exercises each time I work them out What are some of your Fitness Goals?? #fitness #physique #npc #ifbb #abs #motivation #inspiration #gymrat #fitnessfreak #fitnessmodel #1stPhorm #bodybuilding #motivationmonday #sweatproud #instagood #legionofboom #fitfreak #fitfam #fitnessphysique #bikini #competitor #iam1stphorm #Padgram

Another workout posted on my other page @marizavillarreal_ Abs on a stability ball I usually do 3 sets of 50 There is an advanced version of these with your hands off the floor but I can't do them Powered by @primenutra @divinenutrition #fitnessmotivation #gym #gymmotivation #abs #workout #noexcuses #Padgram

I love this ball. If you don't have one....get one! Put your hands behind your head (not your back), get your booty off the ground and squeeezeeeee the ball. Add a lift for an extra challenge! I know the song says "on" the floor but today it says "OFF" the floor #BecauseISaidSo learned that from my mom. #OkTimeToEat #FirstNameHungryLastNameAlways #Padgram