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Yoga Poses Around the World: "Plow pose variation"

Parsvottanasana is a difficult pose in its own right, and can become a serious balancing pose when the hands are off the floor and behind the back in paschima namaskarasana (reverse prayer). For this variation, belt the front thigh against the back foot to press the femur bone back and lengthen the side waist. Step strongly on the belt with the back foot to feel the downward calf-heel connection to the forward chest and...

Bird of paradise - I learned this today! I don't quite have a straight leg at the end but I'm gonna work on it. Yay for challenge poses!

Half Frog Pose #Ardhabekhadana. This pose is great for lengthening the quadriceps, stretching the psoas and opening the chest.

(Virabhadrasana II) Warrior 2 Pose Benefits

Warrior 2 Yoga Pose

This Incredible Pain Relief Method Is As Simple As Putting A Clothespin On Your Ear

Experience incredible pain relief method simply by putting a clothespin on your ear.

“Eka Hasta Bhujasana • Elephant Trunk Pose I had some fun playing around with this variation of elephant trunk pose I saw it here on Instagram a while…”

How to build up to crow's pose and side planks in Yoga

hand stand pigeon inversion #yoga