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Olha o fofinho do Thor

Tom Hiddleston, on how Loki can do these 180 turns between being in control and totally enjoying himself, and utterly losing control, with his heartbreak on display for the world to see (should they bother to look... which, in universe, they don't)

Alex Fierro, Magnus Chase the hammer of thor

Omg. Marvel is reaching Sherlockian levels of crazy. And we don't even have any hiatus to blame!

The Dark World. Behind the scenes.

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Community Post: The Least Dateable Superheroes

Thor. Nothing to say against men in stupid costumes if they end up looking like this (and the film is good too! )

well, looks like I have another book to buy and read

The Avengers

Look at these amazing actors. Look at the actors' eyes and then at the…

I still wonder how Scar could have ever been passed off as Mufasa's brother...