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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them I just can't wait to see this movie :3 hurry up november <3

Astrid, Toothless, and Hiccup / How to Train Your Dragon - So cute!

this is when they were a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!! and they are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

havocmachine: I think I’ve only ever seen Hiccup lifting Astrid, but let’s be honest about who would be lifting whom in this relationship.

“Como Treinar o seu Dragão 2″ ganha as suas primeiras imagens http://cinemabh.com/imagens/como-treinar-o-seu-dragao-2-ganha-as-suas-primeiras-imagens

Hiccup and son pt. 3 by rennoii on tumblr

RTTE | Toothless | Hiccup *Whispers* Such stealth. True masters. Toothless's armor is boss! XD

Hiccup's birthday by @nightowl374

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