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Qual É O Significado Oculto Do Seu Nome?

GEBORGENHEIT (s.); em alemão: sensação de segurança e bem-estar como se nada pudesse prejudicá-lo. sentimento geralmente ligado a um determinado lugar ou pessoa.

KEKAU (v.); em indonésio: acordar de um pesadelo.

Dagda: The Dagda is the Father of the Gods, sometimes called “The All-Father”. He represents man when he has grown old and wise. The Dagda is the god of wisdom, knowledge, magic, and rebirth. He holds the secrets of the world, and shares them only with those he has deemed worthy. The Dagda possesses several unique items of special value, including a cauldron with an inexhaustible supply of food, a magical harp which summons the seasons two swine.

Doctor who silence travel mug

Not only do I want this mug.. But I actually did the tally marks on my hand on the anniversary of this episode and I freaked several people out!

Chamuel is considered to be an archangel, his name meaning, "He who sees God." He inspires us to realize that we must first love ourselves, in order to love others. He gently guides us to view our own shortcomings. GUIDANCE: Angel of Tolerance, Adoration and Love SAMPLE AFFIRMATION: I AM attracting Love and True intimacy with my perfect partner. SAMPLE PRAYER: Archangel Chamuel, I have been having a hard time Loving myself as I should. Sometimes I get so down on myself that I don't always…

. The Morrígan ("phantom queen") or Mórrígan ("great queen"), also known as Morrígu, is a figure from Irish mythology. The name is spelled Morríghan or Mór-ríoghain in Modern Irish.

"... é o que a vida dá pra quem se deu"

The history of the Atari 2600

Could not get enough of playing Pong I can remember seeing it first on Tomorrows World and it had me mesmerised.