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*internally screaming Bc I love this so much* This is what should have happened instead of what actually happened to El.

THIS! I do have a soft spot for Draco towards the end of the series (Tom Felton may have helped) but I absolutely loved seeing the softer side of him in Cursed Child. And while he is definitely still not perfect (I would have liked to see an apology to Hermione even though that would be totally out of character even for new Draco) he realizes the weight of his mistakes and understands he cannot fully redeem himself but wants better for his son.

Either that or I now know the stitch count for the next three rows so I can watch tv, then quick repeat the process.

I’ve got 99 problems about cursed child but these two are not one of them. Protect these boys from shoehorned heteronormativity Please ask before using/rePOSTing

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Gaby Deslys (4 November 1881 – 11 February 1920); early 20th century actress, singer and dancer from Marseilles, France.