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Oh my heart Maybe its the 5 minutes of sunshine we got yesterday or the long morning of rain today. Or maybe its because I just realized my husband finally comes home tomorrow and I wont have to solo parent anymore. Or maybe its just the fact that we are swimming in excess. Or a combination of all of the above. Either way Ive been in the mood to minimize like crazy. Last night I spent 4 hours going through the kitchen cabinets and garage putting things in boxes to donate and trash. Today Im…

If you're in the Denver area come out to @rei's flagship store for an evening of female badassery feat. @stephjagger @aishaweinhold @anna.schroulders @beckyswade @nomanslandfilmfestival @outdoorwomen and @tinyhousetinyfootprint. Oh and me! We will be hanging out and chatting about our realities as women in the outdoors and open the conversation to the whole community. And celebrate @stephjagger's new book baby UNBOUND! Gahhhh so much good stuff hope to see ya there at 6:30.

Finalmente consegui fazer um bolo decente e o meu favorito da vida!! ❤️😃 Esse ano faço 30 anos e estou me dando a chance de aprender e reviver coisas que gosto muito, como assistir mais uma vez um filme que amo, escutar uma música que marcou a vida, comer meu bolo favorito que já nem lembrava mais que era meu bolo favorito! haha 🙈☺️💕 Também escrevi no blog (link na bio) sobre isso, não é a receita do bolo, mas sobre um dos meus filmes favoritos que assisti esse final de semana. ❤️…

Sometimes I draw stuff about things that happen to me in my life. It's mostly 60% truth, 30% exaggeration, and 10% blatant lies.

Wow on the label it says try one scoop and then increase to two if you can tolerate it. One is enough this stuff rocks. It sy 30 minutes it peak at about an hour for me.

Parent life is funny. For parents there is humor in everyday life, but we can't always see it in the moment. Later on we might look back and see the humor. Join me as I spill out 30 Hilarious Authentic Truths about being a Boy Mom. Boys will be boys! #momlife Affliliate links in post.

30 Things to Appreciate About You

Which Angeleno has been super-stoked about all the rain and cold weather we've been getting in California? Me! And which Angeleno got a rude awakening when she discovered her newly-remodeled master bath was starting to flood? Ugh, me. This was the downside to home ownership everyone warned me

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